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Family Businesses

Family-held businesses constitute a significant portion of the central Ohio and U.S economy. Although these businesses face many of the same challenges as large corporations, the size and composition of family businesses adds an extra layer of complexity to such issues as cash flow, taxation, budgeting and planning for growth and expansion.

What Our Customers Say...

"John Gerlach & Company is our ‘tax encyclopedia’ -- they research and answer a huge range of real estate related tax questions for Ohio Equities and our clients."

- Mark Wengerd CFO

Ohio Equities

At John Gerlach & Company, we understand these challenges and are sensitive to the "soft" issues that can drive decisions or hinder performance in family business environments. By working closely with both the business and its shareholders, our professionals strive to gain an in-depth knowledge of all of the interrelated financial matters. This allows us to identify business and personal finance strategies that minimize tax and maximize income not only for the business, but also the shareholders, while keeping in mind the "non-business" motivations.