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R&D Tax Credit Studies

An R&D tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar credit against a company’s or individual’s federal and sometimes, state taxes. It is a credit for time and expenses already incurred by the company for efforts to develop a new product, design a new machine or continually improve their processes. An R&D study performed by John Gerlach & Company will generate the maximum benefit available, along with providing the proper supporting documentation.


Could your company benefit from an R&D study?


A manufacturing company may benefit from an R&D study if any of the following are evident:


  • Possess in-house engineering departments
  • Engineers' jobs mainly consist of developing new products or designing new processes
  • Large consulting fees
  • Regularly contains outside development costs for new products or processes
  • Large equipment purchases
  • Frequently require significant development and significant modifications to current machinery or processes
  • Additions to the company's product mix often are developed by the company or require significant process development
  • Significant increases in gross profit margins that may be a result of new process development


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