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John Gerlach Accounting and Tax Preparation Services

Accounting, Auditing and Tax Preparation Services

John Gerlach & Company LLP

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Succession Planning

John Gerlach & Company works with business owners and their families to develop plans for transferring business ownership to the next generation or other new leadership. We seek to provide financial independence and retirement planning for the present leadership while structuring the business for longevity, stability, and success.


We also understand the emotional issues and personal dynamics that make the objectives much more than a successful "wealth transfer." For most business owners, their business is their life. Your succession plan will balance business, family, and tax considerations so you'll have an estate plan that brings you, your family, and your business successors, peace of mind.

Our Planning Services

Our approach allows you to understand and plan for these effects.


  • Business/Financial Planning

  • Personal Financial Planning

  • Management Succession Planning

  • Estate Planning

What Our Customers Say...

"I was here during the transition from the second to the third generation which went very well. John Gerlach & Company helped us achieve this transition over a several year period but without interruption to the business."

- Chris Osterman


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